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Etiquette for Young Dancers

We thought it would be important to pass along some rules of etiquette for those new to the dance world.  These principles are very important to the development of young dancers in regards to discipline and learning.  

 Dancers should have hair pulled back out of their face for every class.
 Dancers should have names on their dance bag and every pair of shoes.
 Dancers should have elastic in their tap shoes to replace ribbons.  (If you don't know how, please ask the teachers or the office).Buying tap shoes with elastic snaps are best.
 Dancers need to wear tights
 Dancers need to visit the restroom prior to dance class.
 Dancers should have the appropriate shoes for the appropriate class.  It is very important, even at a young age, that dancers have good ballet shoes and that they fit close to snug.
 Dancers should not wear their dance shoes outside.
 Dancers should not wear street shoes inside the dance rooms.
 Dancers should not wear underwear under their leotards.
 PARENTS should not peek through the classroom as it disturbs the class.  Special times to peek will be announced by the teacher and studio.

Etiquette for the Pre-Teen & Teen Dancer

All students should adhere to the younger dancer etiquette but should also consider the following. Below are some tips by dance journalist, Treva Bedinghaus.  We thought this article provides exactly what every dancer dancing more than three hours a week should strive for.

Your dance bag comes in handy for toting around your dance shoes, but your dance bag should also prepare you for the unexpected. Make sure your dance bag is packed with items you might possibly need, including emergency health supplies, extra dance gear and clothing, personal beauty items, and quick snacks.

•Emergency Health Supplies: As every dancer knows, unexpected things will happen. Whether it is a sudden headache before an audition or a bleeding blister, it pays to be prepared. Always carry a few extra health supplies you might need in case of an emergency. Throw a small emergency kit inside your dance bag with the following items: pain relief medication, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, toe tape, gauze, and a small manicure kit.

•Extra Dance Gear and Clothing: Wearing the proper dance gear is extremely important to a dancer. Your dance bag should contain necessary gear and clothing you need for each style of dance that you participate in. Make sure and pack the following important items: various dance shoes, toe pads, legwarmers, shrugs or light sweaters, extra tights, extra leotard, and small sewing kit.

•Personal Beauty Items: Every dancer wants to look (and smell) their best while dancing. Ballet dancers especially concern themselves with a tidy appearance, including tight hair buns and smooth clothing lines. Besides appearances, you've probably been in a dance studio with a dancer who seemed to have forgotten all about personal hygiene. Confidence is everything to a dancer, so give yourself an edge by packing the following items: hair ties, hair pins and bobby pins, hair nets, hair spray, deodorant, breathe mints, sweat towel, chap stick/lip gloss, nail clippers, and lightly-scented body spray.

•Quick Snacks: Food and water are essential to dancers of all types. Running out of energy on the dance floor is easy to do during long classes or rehearsals. Make sure you keep your body going by grabbing a snack or drink whenever you need it. Here are a few healthy items to keep in your dance bag: bottled water, hydrating drinks, granola/energy bars, trail mix, bananas, pretzels, and extra change for the vending machine.

" Dance is an art that imprints on the soul. It is with you every moment, it expresses itself in everything you do." ~Shirley Maclaine
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