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The Dance Haven, Inc.  Awards & Scholarship Information

The Levesque Dance Scholarship Award

This Scholarship is in honor of Director Rachele’s parents, Robert and Lelia Levesque, who always supported her dance education. As if raising seven children wasn’t enough, they still managed to support years of dance classes, private lessons and other training. They encouraged her to always put her best foot forward and keep her dreams in the forefront. They sat through every recital and performance proudly as they watched their daughter grow as a dancer. The values they have instilled in Rachele are what make her receptive to children and families throughout the community.

Rachele would like to extend that opportunity to her students. The Recipient of this award will be given the opportunity to enroll in our Competition Team Classes FREE of charge for one year. To honor her parents this yearly scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates the desire to learn and further their dance education and meet special requirements.

The award will be announced at Dress Rehearsal each year.  Students must be 10 to 18 years of age to be considered and have been a dancer at the dance haven for more than two years. The scholarship will be awarded to the student who is nominated by the faculty at The Dance Haven, Inc.

Considerations for the Award

Dance Dedication and Ability: 1) The student maintains good attendance throughout the year. 2) Articulates dance techniques and demonstrates individual practice, patience, and high motivation towards their dance education. 3) Has a flair for performance on stage and in class. 4) Shows constant improvement and spirit.  

Respect and Determination: 1) Arrives to class and performances on time and prepared with the proper dance attire.  2) Is respectful towards faculty, peers, and other patrons of the studio.  3) Handles constructive criticism with an open mind and uses it to enhance their self-improvement in and out of dance class.

Leadership Skills & Outstanding Effort: 1) This student is a positive influence and role model for younger dancers and peers.  2) Is an outstanding reflection of the kind of student that brings pride to The Dance Haven, Inc.  3) Demonstrates superior efforts during the year to stay committed to their dance education no matter what obstacles they may face.  4) This student goes above and beyond expectancy level of faculty, parents, and peers.

DH Forget Me Not Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Rachele's father Robert L. Levesque. The recipient of this award is a non competitive student aged 9 and up who exemplifies a love of dance. This student has near perfect attendance, participates in class, shows progress throughout the year in dance skills, takes critiques and applies them and is kind and helpful to their peers. The forget me not scholarship will allow a student to take an additional subject of dance in the next dance season so they can broaden their horizon and experience enjoyment of a new subject.

DH Alumni Mini Rising Start Scholarship

This scholarship was founded by the Kierce Family in honor of Olivia Kierce and her 15 years dedication to dance.  Our younger students may be little but they are fierce and phenomenal bright dancers.  Two $250 scholarships will be given to two students under the age of 9.  These students demonstrate a love for music and dance, are kind and respectful to teachers and other students and exceed expectations for their age in their class.  Students have great attendance and rarely miss class.    We hope this scholarship will help them to continue to attend classes and maybe add some new subjects.

Helping Hands Award:

Award is given two two students who go beyond the classroom to help their dance peers teachers and younger students throughout the season.  Each student will receive a $50.000 scholarship towards any dance costs.

The Golden Ticket Award;   This is in memory of our Ticket Man " Bob Shea" who passed away in August 2023.  The family who purchases the most tickets during family pre-sale is awarded 4 Free Premium seats during next seasons recital.  

" Dancers are instruments, like a piano the choreographer plays." ~ George Balanchine

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