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Welcome To The Dance Haven’s Class Descriptions Page.  All classes are graded by age and ability.  Each class is designed to teach techniques in a positive way to allow the learning process to be fun, yet fulfilling through constructive teaching methods.  Not sure, which class is the right one?  Contact us and we will help you make the decision that will allow for an exciting and rewarding dance class.

Teen Lyrical Ages 13-18 - A hybrid of ballet, jazz and modern dance, Lyrical is one of the most popular styles of dance for young women, in particular. It is more emotive than jazz, less codified than ballet and pulls movement vocabulary from modern dance. Lyrical incorporates a musical flow of rhythms and disciplinary dance technique. Students are required to take ballet class to enroll. Students will learn combinations that are set to slower pop songs and ballads. The class focuses on strength and flexibility techniques in center and across the floor combinations.  Students will perform one number in the annual recital.

Hip HopAges 13 & Up –  Class is a great class to discover the dancer in you. Having prior experience is great but not necessary to join in this fun class. This class will teach combinations with new and intricate movement. Students will continue to gain further understanding of this style. This class will be more challenging and is a high energy packed class.  Students will perform one number in our annual recital.  

Teen Ballet - Ages 11-18 This class is for students who demonstrate beginner/intermediated knowledge of the basic elements of ballet who have had some previous ballet training, and have a basic understanding of classical ballet vocabulary. Class will include barre and centre floor exercises, with combinations moving across the floor. Emphasis is placed on correct body alignment, and development of whole body movement and musicality.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet - Ages 11-18 - Students who demonstrate intermediate/advanced knowledge of the elements of ballet. This class expands further into ballet terminology and steps in a progression from barre to center work that builds an understanding of rudimentary ballet technique.  The intermediate class emphasis on developing technical strength and movement quality.  Students must have prior ballet training in beginner/intermediate classes to attend this class.   Ballet students will gain the benefits of poise, grace, proper posture, and self-assurance, along with a solid foundation for all forms of dance.

Pointe Ages 13 -18- For students who demonstrate technical proficiency and knowledge of elements learned in ballet. Students are further introduced to more advanced combinations and exercises designed to improve accuracy, speed and the ability to link movements taught in class to performance choreography. Pointe is introduced to girls who show adequate strength and accurate technique.  Each student is carefully evaluated before starting study on Pointe. Sufficient understanding of correct placement and alignment must be demonstrated before Pointe instruction begins thus decreasing the possible risk of injury.  Students must have had five consecutive years of ballet and teacher approval before taking this class.  Students also need to be enrolled in an additional Ballet class twice a week.  It is recommended that students get a bone scan  from a doctor before approaching pointe class.  Check out our pointe policy link to learn more.
Teen Tap  - Ages 12-18 – This tap class will incorporate a variation of more difficult tap technique and rhythms through barre and center floor exercises.  Students will learn more terminology and challanging combinations at an intermediate level. Students should have have at least 5-7 years tap experience to be in this class and have taken a Beginner/Intermediate class prior. Students will in our annual recital.

Teen Jazz - Ages 12-18 -This popular dance class combines technique formed in balled with popular modern dance.  Students will learn different styles and rhythms of jazz. This class will focus on body awareness, isolations, contractions and core movements.  Ballet is required to take this class and students will perform in our annual recital.

" Dancing: The Highest Intelligence in the Freest Body."  ~Isadora Duncan

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