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Welcome To The Dance Haven’s Class Descriptions Page.  All classes are graded by age and ability.  Each class is designed to teach techniques in a positive way to allow the learning process to be fun, yet fulfilling through constructive teaching methods.  Not sure, which class is the right one?  Contact us and we will help you make the decision that will allow for an exciting and rewarding dance class.

The Dance Haven’s Pointe Class Training Policies & Philosophy

Dancers wishing to go on pointe should understand the seriousness and dedication that is required for this level of technique. The Dance Haven’s policies regarding pointe work is strictly conservative.  It is our belief that it is not in the best interest of the student to advance to pointe, no matter how great the desire, if she is not ready.

Students must show their commitment to ballet and ballet/technique classes before they will be considered candidates for pointe shoes. Dancers who have studied seriously for at least four years in our school and are taking two three hours of ballet  a week may be considered.  Generally students should be 13  to 14 years of age but age is not the only factor for when a student will begin pointe.  A student should not feel they "deserve" pointe shoes simply because they meet the minimum age requirement.

It is never too late to put a dancer on pointe, but doing so too early can have detrimental affects physically and developmentally. Placement on pointe is based on technical ability, anatomical development, strength and maturity.  It is recommended that students who are approved by an instructor to start pointe work also notify their physician for approval.  We ask that parents not purchase pointe shoes until directed by the faculty to do so.  

Dancers must take a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week in addition to one or more ballet classes. Instructors reserve the right to take any student off pointe. Such cases might include insufficient amount of additional ballet training, physical limitations or for undisclosed injuries.  

• Age, maturity, length of ballet training and hours of ballet training per/week.
• If the student is anatomically sound (e.g., sufficient ankle and foot plantar flexion range of motion; lower extremity alignment)
• If she is  truly pre-professional.
• If she has strong trunk and pelvic ("core") muscles and strong legs.
“There is no reason to get a young dancer up on full pointe if she can not do anything when she gets there!”  George Balanchine

Please feel free to schedule a meeting with the director of The Dance Haven if you have questions about our Pointe Shoe Policies or Program.

" Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."  ~William Stafford

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